Important news for Short Mat bowlers

Finally, a way to present the URL for the short mat web site without falling foul of intrusive spam filters…which is why many of you have not been seeing my emails.

So without further ado, you will find the Short Mat web site at

If you used the system last season you will still be on it with the same username and password.

If you have not used it before you will need to register (click on “Register” in the top menu).

If you have any problems at all please email me, Deryk ( asap.

Incidentally, if you use a phone or tablet to access the site, you might have a problem: if you don’t see a menu at the top, just the club logo and a solid blue bar, then you have hit the problem. It seems to happen only with older versions of “Google” and it happens on both iPhone and Android, but it works fine on a brand new Android tablet, which is why I suspect the age of the software is relevant. There seems to be no known fix for this. Using a different browser (e.g. Safari, Dolphin, Firefox or Chrome) might work, but I have no way of testing that. If you encounter the problem and do find a workaround please let me know.

The site will be up – another extension – until I get home from my exercise class on Thursday, roughly 1 p.m. The “lottery”, which assigns people to their requested sessions, will run on Friday and the results will be emailed out, although, as emails invite interference from spam filters, the resulting list of sessions and bowlers will be posted here, as a PDF, on Saturday, so if all else fails, check back here then.

Please ensure that your requests have been entered (if necessary by emailing Deryk) before the deadline.

thanks and see you on the mat.