Etiquette for outdoor bowlers for (most of) April

While I have no doubt that there is joy and jubilation resounding throughout the Capital Region at the news that we may now bowl on the green, may I, if not rain, then at least cast a very fine mist on the parade?

For the next week, ending on Friday night (27th), short mat bowling will be continuing.

Consequently, I’m sure all short matters would be grateful if those wishing to bowl outdoors tried not to interrupt the short mat sessions unnecessarily and/or noisily when, for example, accessing their lockers.

And the club would be immensely grateful if those coming inside from the green would take care either to remove their shoes – probably a bit of a “big ask” as I believe the young folk say – or at least to make sure that they have “wiped their feet” – as I imagine all of our parents used to say (well, probably just mothers, if I’m being brutally honest) – to remove all mud etc. from their shoes and to avoid treading on the mats.

The mats are a) expensive and b) not invulnerable to the effects of mud or (worse) grit being trodden into them; and we really don’t want to damage them.

I’m sure we can all manage to peacefully co-exist (note the carefully split infinitive, not to mention the casually tossed-in Cold War cultural reference) for the next week and to those champing at the bit to play outside:

Put the bit down, you don’t know where it’s been.

If you’ve read this far, thanks for doing so.

If you haven’t read this far, I could be as rude as I liked and you’d never know.

heh, heh, heh…(evil laugh)

deryk (barker)

Short Mat Coordinator

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